There are only slight changes in the images: hands move, a head turns, and facial expressions change. The model looks away, as if drifting into her own thoughts, and then coming back again looking at the viewer.

When filming these portraits, the models were asked to sit in front of a film camera alone in a room for one hour. With a long cable release Tuori, sitting in another room, exposed one frame every two seconds. In one hour, Tuori ended up taking about two thousand images of one person.

Tuori made two separate works out of this material. One was made up of portraits, each one consisting of 78 images printed on traditional black and white paper and carefully mounted under glass. For the other work, Tuori transferred all the images to a video with the speed of three frames per second. This became Posing Time, a series of portraits consisting of about two thousand images each and lasting about eight minutes. Single images could still be seen, but they appeared so quickly that it was impossible to get hold of them.