Forest #45

355,5 x 200 cm
Duration 15:35 min
Two pigment prints, aluminium frame, plexiglass plates, two channel HD video projection

Tuori has been photographing and filming the forest on the island of Kökar in the Åland archipelago for sixteen years now, the same landscapes and trees over and over again. The first Forest works were video installations combining black and white photographs with colour videos. Later, he went on creating still photographs with a similar technique of layering images from different moments into a single work. Sometimes the images have even been created years apart.

In these images, time gets a new dimension very different from what we normally associate with photography, from our everyday notion of time. This time is not measurable, it is not a moment, and it has no duration. Time just is.

Forest #45 consists of a thin freestanding wall almost four meters high with two wall size photographs of a tree mounted on both sides of the wall. There are two videos of the same tree projected on either side of the wall onto the photographs. One side of the work looks like a negative and the other like a positive of the same image. The projection creates a sensation of depth in the image and the black plexiglass on the floor surrounding the work creates an impression of the space continuing down as far as you can see.