Immediate Nature combines portraits with images of forests, trees, and bushes. Most of the people portrayed are part of my immediate family and the forests are from my daily surroundings. The forests and the people portrayed blend into one another seamlessly. It seems as if the portraits are made up of the branches and the trees.

Many of the people portrayed are children or young adults. It is as if they carry their future with them. This is the heritage given to them. It is something that defines them, and it is something they will live with.

Nature is often thought of as being quite stable. When thinking of time in relation nature, we tend to think in years, decades or even millenniums. Like everything else in our time, also nature is starting to tremble. What once was eternal, and an endless source of resources is starting to crumble. There seems to be a new immediacy in relation to nature and how we think of it.

The series is also of portraits and portraiture. Nature in this context refers to portraiture and the traditional quest of conveying something of the person portrayed. Who do we see when looking at portraits?