Santeri Tuori Exhibition

Place Of Life – Forest, Red Shirt
9 – 27 September, 2009 


Commemorating the 25th year, SPIRAL will present a variety of special events during its “Anniversary Year” starting this September. The series will be launched with the first solo exhibition in Japan by Finnish artist Santeri Tuori.

Tuori had studied law and art before he started his career as an artist. His recent works utilize photography and moving images in a unique manner by superimposing the video image on the still photograph of the same spot, shot from the same angle.

The forthcoming solo exhibition will show his works including the following. His representative work, “Red Shirt,” captures the process in which a child tries hard to wear a red shirt. “Forest” consists of the images of the forest on the offshore island in Finland, which Tuori took three years to shoot. Tuori’s latest work, created in Tokyo in residency in May 2009, will be premiered. All of his works take the familiar such as the everyday action and uncharacteristic trees as their subject matters, and spend a significant duration of time to objectively portray them. What these images show, as a result, is the way in which life calmly goes on with slow changes. With them, Tuori lets the contemporary viewers think about and realize a number of important things in life that nevertheless do not come to their mind in their everyday lives in the fast changing society.

Venue: Spiral Garden (SPIRAL 1F)
Duration: 9 – 27 September, 2009
Opening hours: 11:00 – 20:00