Purdy Hicks Gallery

Blue:The Pursuit of The Heavenly Colour

17 APRIL – 15 JUNE 2024

The chase for blue is never ending, and yet remains elusive, as Lavinia Greenlaw writes in Blue Field:

‘I keep my distance, as things turn blue
through stillness and distance;
as everything blue is distant’

Takashi Arai · Sue Arrowsmith · Pierre Bergian · Celine Bodin · Susan Derges · Ralph Fleck · Laila Tara H · Andrzej Jackowski · Leila Jeffreys · Ken Kiff · Nina Murdoch ·
Ornulf Opdahl · David Quinn · Ciara Roche · Santeri Tuori

Purdy Hicks Gallery
25 Thurloe Street
London SW7 2LQ
Tuesday -Saturday 11 – 6pm