Texts | Bogeyman, 2001/2004

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Bogeyman, Liina, Céci and Kati

There are two images on top of each other blending into one. It is difficult to say where one starts and the other ends. In the first version of Bogeyman, Liina, Céci and Kati, a framed black and white portrait mounted on plexiglas serves as a canvas for a video projection. The video, which is slowed down to a very slow speed, constantly changes the image. In the video of Bogeyman the little boy plays a bogeyman, or as he put it himself – he is a bogeyman. Liina flirts with the camera and Céci and Kati are trying to keep a pose. Using specially made frames the photographs can be mounted into a hole in a wall. The video beamer is then placed behind the wall, out of sight from the viewer. In the second version of these works made in 2004 the photograph and the video are put together in a video editing programme. This enables the work to be shown as a straight video projection and the size of the work can be adjusted according to the space.

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