Texts Forest (Reddish), 2009

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Project description


Forest Reddish is a video installation where a room is turned into a forest with two video projections. The walls are black and the floor is dark grey. The images are projected on opposite walls starting from the floor and going up to the ceiling (3,5 meters). The trees seem to be live size and an illusion of being in a forest is created. The videos themselves consist of black and white photographs with videos superimposed on them. In the videos there are present at the same time the clarity and the sharpness of a photograph and the movement of the video. As much as the viewer is in front of a forest, he/she is confronted with photography and questions surrounding it.

A large part of the work is the multichannel sound. It follows the same logic as the videos. There is the general sound of the forest and the wind. On top of this there are very detailed sounds picked up from the forest. One will have the feeling of being very close and very far at the same time. Both the images and the sound create something that exists but cannot be seen or heard otherwise.

Many of the previous works of Santeri Tuori dealt with photography and the traditions of portraiture. The Forest is a clear continuation of them and it has references to many different directions. It is some kind of an attempt to narrow the gap between watching an image of a landscape and being in the landscape.

Photographing and filming the Forest has taken about three years. All the images have been made on a remote island between Finland and Sweden. Tuori has been marking the places where he has filmed and returned to them over and over again. The finished videos can therefore have material from different times or even years. This adds yet another layer to the work and the way we look at the images. At the same time when there is a feeling of being in a forest there is also a feeling of being in a crossroads of different traditions and times.


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